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Company Profile

This is an exciting new innovative service set up to assist people who have Learning Disability to participate as active citizens in the community, through supportive residential care. St Domingo House employs staff with a positive and progressive outlook familiar with the need to promote social inclusion with safe realistic inclusion aims and advances.

Resident Portfolio

To be a resident you will have a primary diagnosis of a learning disability and be aged 18 years or more. St Domingo House will offer support to all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion and this will be taken into account when you apply for residency. Consideration will be given to individuals who because of their disability and condition may present with behaviors that are complex in nature and may require additional support.



We are committed to our staff and positively promote best practice through training and offer support for further development. This approach ensures that our staff team remain fit for practice and motivated. This value base is a core principle of our service and demonstrates our commitment to achieving a consistent and highly motivated team of staff who are able to provide stability for residents.

Professional Support

Gracefield Health Care Ltd has retained the professional services of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Specialist Nurse Practitioners, Social Worker and Pharmacist to provide advice and consultancy for the individuals who reside at St Domingo House.